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Welcome! I'm Kasey Wiggam, the owner and founder of Rosemeade Counseling. I am so happy you're here!

Why therapy? Can't I just listen to some podcasts, read a self-help book or talk to my bffs?

You sure can! But talking to someone trained to help you sort through whatever brought you to this point, might be EXACTLY what you need to move forward. Sure, your family and friends might be a listening ear, but wouldn't it be nice to have an unbiased opinion from someone who is as deeply invested in your healing as you are? Peruse through the site to learn more about if therapy at Rosemeade Counseling is right for you!

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About Rosemeade Counseling

Rosemeade Counseling is an independently owned and run therapy and advocacy service by Kasey Wiggam. Both virtual and in-person services are available, located on the North-Side of Indianapolis. Remote availability and private pay services allow Rosemeade Counseling to work with all Indiana residents from anywhere in the state, regardless of insurance or location. Are you from Noblesville but go to college in Lafayette, Muncie, or Bloomington? I can see you! Rosemeade Counseling has flexible session lengths and availability to make sure you get the help you need, when you need it. I can't wait to meet you!

You might be thinking, "Okay. Maybe therapy IS right for me. What now?"

Rosemeade Counseling offers counseling services to adults and teens, and educational advocacy services to students and their families. For more in depth information on services and pricing, visit the Pricing and Services page!

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Rosemeade Counseling provides individual therapy for adults seeking support for anxiety, life transitions, trauma, sexual assault, women's and LGBT+ specific issues and work stress/burnout. Not sure if you fall under these categories? Reach out today and we can figure it out together!

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Is your teen struggling with anxiety, self-esteem, making friends, or navigating the nuances of growing up in a time where social media and their friends are at their fingertips? Parenting a teen in 2023 is hard, and being a teen is even harder. 

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Is your child being let down by their school? Do you keep reaching out only to be met with a bunch of educational jargon you don't understand? Let's work together to make sure your child is being supported.

Need more information on how Rosemeade Counseling can help you reach your goals? Reach out to Kasey Wiggam today!

Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

70 E. 91st. Street, Suite 201

Kasey Wiggam, LCSW LSSW

(317) 732-5097

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